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Advisory services

We provide advisory services regarding selection and acquisition of optimal methods for debt financing. Due to a variety of assistance programs, an entrepreneur has multiple ways of support for a company.


The AeRO market was designed from the need of providing a financing alternative for entrepreneurs, and is the equity segment of the alternative trading system managed by the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB).

New Connect

The Alternative Trading System (ATS) is a market aimed at experienced investors expecting high rates in return, while accepting higher investment risk. NewConnect is largely niche. Dynamic and developmental projects, which have not been available to a wide range of investors until now.

EU subsidies and grants

EU subsidies and other support programs financed by the Polish budget, are the most attractive source of capital to carry out new investment projects. Are you planning a new investment? We can help you Company obtain a subsidy!

DSBJ Franchise

DSBJ Franchise Department is engaged in a specific type of advisory activity. What is meant by franchise is conducting independent economic activity by the franchisee (partner), based on proven methods.


The obligation market Catalyst was launched on 30 September 2009. It is conducted on transaction platforms of the Warsaw Stock Exchange in Warsaw and BondSpot (formerly MTS CeTO). Catalyst comprises four trading platforms. The two operated by the WSE.


We are very pleased to inform that on June 8th, 2016, the company DSBJ Group Sp. o.o. became the only one in Poland, an independent member of Geneva Capital Group (GCG), a leading global network of firms advising on M & A transactions, corporate finance and development strategies.

Foreign Markets Entry

The special space of specialization of DSBJ are services in the sphere of introduction of the Polish enterprises to the markets of select countries in Europie, Asia also Africa.

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Our Team

Our activity is based on the principles of grouping independent experts, dedicated to the execution of a specific project.


Our Partners

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Market entry and crossborder M&A consulting firm based in Romania, covering the Emerging Markets in Europe

Our Customers

  • (Polski) atc cargo
  • (Polski) aquatech
  • 99 Rent
  • Agrotrade
  • Aircon
  • Arkop
  • Autopol
  • CK
  • CWB
  • DAGA
  • Denco Logic
  • EMU
  • Intakus
  • Inwet
  • IQ Publishing
  • Lindleyaoze
  • Master Form
  • PIK
  • PZHL
  • QFS
  • Quick Cash
  • SII
  • TDE
  • (Polski) inifinity
  • (Polski) vig
  • (Polski) silenbio
  • (Polski) phs
  • (Polski) komfort klima
  • (Polski) merit
  • (Polski) meva
  • (Polski) wirtuale
  • (Polski) marka
  • (Polski) simply user
  • (Polski) wge
  • (Polski) wir
  • (Polski) technox
  • (Polski) veniti
  • (Polski) mc konstrukcje
  • (Polski) fon skb
  • (Polski) invest eco
  • (Polski) shakewawe
  • (Polski) invico
  • (Polski) outworking
  • (Polski) viatron
DSBJ Group Inc.

Head Office

81 Zwoleńska st. Suite 14
04-761 Warsaw
mobile: 0048 785 205 250
e-mail: dsbj@dsbjgroup.com

Branch in Katowice
Jesionowa Business Point
St. Jesionowa 22
40-158 Katowice
mobile: 0048 785 205 250
e-mail: katowice@dsbjgroup.com

Branch in Kampala, Uganda
4th Floor Suite 61
Pilkington Road, Kira House
P.O. Box 36222 Kampala, Uganda
mobile: +256 772 448804
e-mail: c.rod@dsbjgroup.com

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