The obligation market Catalyst was launched on 30 September 2009. It is conducted on transaction platforms of the Warsaw Stock Exchange in Warsaw and BondSpot (formerly MTS CeTO). Catalyst comprises four trading platforms. The two operated by the WSE - in a regulated market and ATS - on those platforms the transactional unit is an obligation, and two analogical markets of BondSpot, where the individual transaction has a value of at least 100 thousand Zł. All are non-Treasury debt instruments - municipal, corporate and mortgage bonds.

The Catalyst architecture ensures that it is adapted to the issues of different sizes and characteristics, as well as to the needs of different investors - wholesale and retail, institutional and individual customers.

The rules of trading sessions on the regulated markets and alternative are identical. The only difference is in the way of block trades. In all Catalyst markets execution of transactions is guaranteed by the National Depository for Securities and Issuers are bound by information on current and periodic reports.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our current projects related to the Catalyst market, as well as existing references.

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