The DSBJ Group’s jubilee!

The DSBJ Group’s jubilee!


In April 2019, exactly 10 years have passed since the founding of the Strategic Consultancy Bednarek Jerzy, which initiated the creation of the DSBJ Group, headed by Jerzy Bednarek, founder and current president of the board of DSBJ Group Inc.

After many years of professional work in the area of strategic, economic and corporate finance consultancy, at the beginning of 2009, Jerzy Bednarek decided to launch his own consulting activity. One of the main incentives to go in the direction of running a business was the intensive development of the capital market, in particular the ASO NewConnect of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, which, after 4 years of its inception, experienced a real boom.


In 2009 DSBJ started cooperation with, among others, Masterform Ltd. from Lower Silesia. This project has for many years become a key undertaking in the field of consulting services in the development of a successful company, and Masterform has become a leader in the CNC TECHNOLOGY (machining of materials using computer controlled devices such as milling machines, lathes, EDM).

DSBJ has specialized in consulting for industrial enterprises to a large extent. To this day, DSBJ implements many projects in this area, for example for clients such as SKB Drive Tech Inc. or VIG Ltd.

Over the following years, the number of satisfied customers has increased significantly, as well as the scope of services and a team of specialists who have permanently started cooperation with DSBJ. The development of the capital market and the clients' demand for new services caused that after two years of existence of the Doradztwo Strategiczne company, the DSBJ Grupa Doradcza was established in cooperation with Agnieszka Stiasny, co-founder of the Group. The company obtained the certificates of Authorized Adviser on the markets of ASO NewConnect and ASO Catalyst of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, as well as on the AoRO market in Bucharest. In parallel to the group of co-owners of the Group, Agnieszka Grabuś joined, also acting as a Member of the Board and cooperating with DSBJ until 2015. After two years, that is in 2017, DSBJ transformed into a joint-stock company under the name DSBJ Group SA.


In the following years, in addition to the intensive development of operations on the Polish market, DSBJ conducted extensive talks and activities on the international market, which consisted in the internationalization of Polish enterprises, which after many years resulted in the creation of another entity in the Group: DSBJ Africa Ltd. This company is a unique project dedicated to supporting Polish entrepreneurs in entering the markets of East Africa. As part of cooperation between Poland and Uganda, DSBJ Africa opened a branch in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, headed by Cyrus Rod, director of the DSBJ Africa Branch.

For 10 years of operation, the DSBJ Group has completed over 250 projects with a total value exceeding PLN 5 billion. - DSBJ has had a long journey with its Clients, Partners and Stakeholders. Today, we conduct a wide, diversified activity in Poland, Europe and Africa. At this point, we would like to thank you for the projects entrusted to us, for the trust and wish you another decade of success to all our Associates, Business Partners and Customers. On behalf of the Team - Thank you! - Jerzy Bednarek, president of the board of the DSBJ Group.

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