Investment in diamonds as a new form of protection of assets

Investment in diamonds as a new form of protection of assets

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In January in Letseng in Lesotho (South Africa) - in a diamond mine belonging to Gem Diamonds - two more than 100 carat diamonds were extracted. Both diamonds are color D type IIa, meaning they do not contain any or very small amounts of nitrogen atoms, thus they belong to the group of the most expensive stones.

Information about mining of this two diamonds raised the valuation of Gem Diamonds shares on the London Stock Exchange by over 8 percent.

- Of course, such messages always arouse emotions because diamonds are associated extremely positively - said in the latest interview for the magazine TTG Wiadomości Gospodarcze Jerzy Bednarek, managing the company Thetagem Concierge supporting customers in the selection of diamonds and diamonds for investment and property protection.

He also added that when treating investments in diamonds in terms of property protection and potential investments, it should be noted that the larger the diamond is rarer, hence its uniqueness translates into - in principle - a growing value over time.

It should be remembered that the raw diamond must be processed to become a full-fledged investment diamond. - Of course, a small group of investors can afford to buy this kind of jewelery. Diamonds for buyers in Poland are not yet known and well-recognized way of investing and protecting property. Therefore, in our part of Europe, we offer comprehensive consultancy in the purchase and sale of diamonds and jewelery diamonds as well as investment diamonds - summarized the operations of Thetagem Concierge Jerzy Bednarek.

You can find more about investment in diamonds, as well as many other interesting articles about the economy on and in the latest issue of the magazine TTG Wiadomości Gospodarcze, whose internet edition you can find at http: // economic news. com / download / ttg_wg_nr9.pdf.