Presentation of the HAL exoskeleton on the G-20 Summit in Osaka

Presentation of the HAL exoskeleton on the G-20 Summit in Osaka

On June 28-29, 2019, the G-20 summit took place in Osaka, where the leaders focused on the problems related to global trade, climate and energy. They also talked about the digital transformation, and it was during this discussion panel that the HAL exoskeleton was presented. Patients can use HAL in our client's clinic at the Constance Care Rehabilitation Center in Kierszek.


HAL, produced by Cyberdyne, is the only exoskeleton in the world that is active. HAL is a device that starts only when it receives a signal coming from the brain. This "order" is received through electrodes (such as ECG) glued on the surface of the skin on the thighs, loins and buttocks of the patient (on each leg, nine electrodes). The electrodes are connected with HAL cables. If at least a trace signal reaches the electrodes, they convert them into an electric start signal HAL.

At the Summit in Osaka, Rafał Tomański, a Business Insider journalist, became interested in HAL. After returning to Poland, the journalist contacted Jacek Walukiewicz, President of the Constance Care Center for Robot Rehabilitation, which is located in Kierszek near Warsaw and interviewed him.

What is the uniqueness of HAL?

The HAL exoskeleton can not be bought. It is not on sale. It can be obtained from the Japanese manufacturer, Cyberdyne after passing training and proving the high quality of services and signing the contract.

HAL exoskeleton is designed to "trigger factors that will cause the patient's brain to recognize that he can communicate with his legs, that he can control them not only through his so-called central communication highway - the spinal cord, but also using peripheral nerves (subcutaneous) - something like straps."

We encourage you to read the entire interview on the Business Insider website.

The second of the interviews worth recommending is an interview by Jacek Walukiewicz, President of Constance Care, for the Association of Individual Investors.

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