Shenzhen (Futian) – Investment Seminar – report from the event

Shenzhen (Futian) – Investment Seminar – report from the event

On Tuesday, August 29, at the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, was held an Investment Seminar to promote Futian's investment in Shenzhen, China, where one of the speakers was DSBJ President Jerzy Bednarek.

Participants in the seminar were Polish and Chinese investors, as well as representatives of county offices, municipal and municipal offices from Poland and representative of Shenzhen City - Mr. HE Jie - Deputy Mayor of Shenzhen (Futian).

Guests of the Seminar have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the presentation of Futian District, which is the administrative, commercial, financial, cultural and information center of Shenzhen City - a major economic and financial center of China. Futian, with its highly developed information technology, electronics, new materials, medical devices, printing, food, chemical, textile and machinery, is a special technological zone with modern infrastructure and laboratory facilities, and at the same time providing excellent conditions for foreign investors.

Shenzhen Futian Financial Development Office (Invest Futian) is the Partner of the Seminar - an organization appointed by the municipality to attract investment partners and strengthen the district's financial development. This organization is geared towards offering high quality professional services and official solutions to financial companies.

Mariusz Rukat, representative of the Marshal's Office of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, spoke about the possibilities of investing in Poland. The speaker was also Sylwester Szafarz, the former vice-president of the Republic of Poland in China, who asked the question of the risk of competition in relation to such close proximity to Shenzhen and Shanghai. Mr HE Jie said with conviction that there is no threat to competition because Shanghai offers completely different branches of the economy and both cities complement each other perfectly. Henryk Kiepura, Foreman of Kłobuck, presented the possibilities of the investment of this district of Poland, which included 9 administrative units (2 municipalities and 7 municipalities), which is located in the vicinity of Częstochowa and Silesian agglomerations (it give us 5 million consumers) with untreated industrial waste, with direct access to road and rail transport routes typical of large industrial centers.

Jerzy Bednarek, who took part in the seminar as a representative of the Association of Individual Investors, also took the floor in the discussion panel. He talked about foreign investment in the world and the growing participation of investors from Poland.

Mr. Janusz Piechociński was the special guests. He was a member of the Parliament for the term 2007-2015, Vice-President of the Council of Ministers and Minister of the Economy in the years 2012-2015, and President of the PSL, now he is a President of the Polish-Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

The Seminar was organized by the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce.

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