Financing the development of the company through the acquisition of the EU funds is still the most attractive form of support on the market. It is a chance to obtain non-repayable financial support, as opposed to loans.
The easiest way to obtain non-repayable grants for projects related to:

  • development or implementation of an innovative product or technology,
  • ecology,
  • the development of exports,
  • IPOs,
  • patent protection.

In our work we focus on supporting entrepreneurs in the process of obtaining external funding, including the European Union, working closely with our advisors with more than sixteen years of experience .

The process of obtaining the EU funds begin by considering the actual needs of the company. We analyze them and assess the real chances of obtaining funding. Then we match them optimal path provision of financial support. Never conversely. When the chances of the customer to obtain grants are small, only after an explicit request we make the application. We are eager for the success - not only on the application process.

Each of the obtained funding must be properly billed. This is not an easy process, therefore we offer comprehensive customer service - from raising funds for their clearance. This makes us different from other companies that offer only obtaining grants, and then leave the customer with a problem of their settlement, because the applications are usually highly scored declarations and conditions, which consequently are impossible to realize. Not fulfillment of this obligation is likely to have serious consequences, eg. they need to return funds received with interest the tax.

DSBJ's Advisor accompanies the customer throughout all of the settlement until the last instrument of reporting, which ensures reliable approach to service. The customer at any stage and at any moment can count on the Advisor.

Would you like to get more information on the EU grants? We remain at your disposal: