Partner the DSBJ, Project Manager

A graduate of the University of Gdansk, specializing in management and marketing. She has several years of experience in the advertising industry, where she organized and led a full advertising campaigns.

Sixteen years of experience in obtaining EU subsidies for businesses, including in programs such as Phare, SOP ICE, SOP, SOP Fish, IRDOP NFOŚ called "Programs Norwegian" Eco Fund, OPIE, POKL, leeks, PORPW programs, Norwegian and Swiss NFOŚ, RPO for 16 provinces both in the previous financial perspective, as well as the present. In the area of ​​its activity it is also to help in the settlement of grants obtained up to the submission of an application reporting.

During the operation of the Phare program she has been accredited by PARP provider of consultancy services in the field of marketing, promotion strategy, development strategy, human resources strategy, financial strategies, and market research.

Led conferences and training, including Raiffeisen Bank employees for the province. Pomeranian, the Bank's customers Bise (throughout the country); Dealers Network Leader Truck (the entire country), sales force Fota S.A. (the entire country). She trained a staff of PZU Life in issues related to customer service.

Originator and co-founder of the Baltic Financial Cluster. She created for it development strategy. She co-created and co-organized (together with the Pomeranian Business Club) campaign "Wybieram Pomorskie", whose patron Marshal of the Pomeranian. She is the author of publications in press releases Tygodnik Ostrołęcki, Wprost and Przedsiębiorcy@eu.