Graduate and former employee of the Faculty of Automation, Electronics and Information Technology of the Technology University of Gliwice. He also studied at the Economic Academy of Katowice and the Banking University of Poznań. After graduation from the Technology University of Gliwice he participated in a unique program managed by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization concerned with drafting business plans and feasibility studies for growing businesses of the Central and Eastern Europe. He has extensive experience in the development of micro, small and medium enterprises and the financing of their growth. He has participated in more than 500 projects involving multiple industries including: power and energy industry, renewable energy (Ekoterm Silesia Ecologic Foundation, Rybnik Power Plant, Rybnik Town Hall, Lindleya OZE); industry, automotive and high tech (International Auto Parts Ltd, Klokkerholm Karoserie Diele, Masterform, Inwet); ITC (Bank PBK/BPH,; financial services (ING Lease Poland, WCL Herbico, Marka); business consulting services (Dom Finco, Morison Finance Group, Morison International); food processing and production, fast moving consumer goods and services industry, in that he has been specializing since 1995 (SPAR Poland, Piotr i Paweł, Mobitel, Mlekoma). He co-founded the Association of Authorized Advisors for the NewConnect market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. He now serves as a member of supervisory boards of manufacturing and technology companies and a member of the Audit Commitee of the Polish Association Individual Investors. He has been running his own business since 1992. Mr Bednarek speaks fluent English, good German and Russian. Mr Bednarek is majority shareholder and CEO of several companies related to business consultancy and capital markets: DSBJ Group, European Fund for Sport, Cooperatives Investment House.