Jerzy BednarekJerzy Z. Bednarek – CEO

Graduate and former employee of the Faculty of Automation, Electronics and Information Technology of the Technology University of Gliwice. He also studied at the Economic Academy of Katowice and the Banking University of Poznań. After graduation from the Technology University of Gliwice he participated in a unique program managed by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization concerned with drafting business plans and feasibility studies for growing businesses of the Central and Eastern Europe. He has extensive experience in the development of micro, small and medium enterprises and the financing of their growth. He has participated in more than 500 projects involving multiple industries including: power and energy industry, renewable energy (Ekoterm Silesia Ecologic Foundation, Rybnik Power Plant, Rybnik Town Hall, Lindleya OZE); industry, automotive and high tech (International Auto Parts Ltd, Klokkerholm Karoserie Diele, Masterform, Inwet); ITC (Bank PBK/BPH,; financial services (ING Lease Poland, WCL Herbico, Marka); business consulting services (Dom Finco, Morison Finance Group, Morison International); food processing and production, fast moving consumer goods and services industry, in that he has been specializing since 1995 (SPAR Poland, Piotr i Paweł, Mobitel, Mlekoma). He co-founded the Association of Authorized Advisors for the NewConnect market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. He now serves as a member of supervisory boards of manufacturing and technology companies and a member of the Audit Commitee of the Polish Association Individual Investors. He has been running his own business since 1992. Mr Bednarek speaks fluent English, good German and Russian. Mr Bednarek is majority shareholder and CEO of several companies related to business consultancy and capital markets: DSBJ Group, European Fund for Sport, Cooperatives Investment House.

Magdalena LewandowskaMagdalena Lewandowska – Partner, Project Manager

Magdalena Lewandowska is an experienced Senior Sales Manager in international financial organizations, mainly in the banking sector. He has over fifteen years of experience and knowledge in the areas of Corporate Banking, Private Banking, Capital Market, Investment Funds, Insurance, Real Estate Market as well as Automotive and Leasing.

At DSBJ Group, she deals with business development and cooperation with entrepreneurs in the area of obtaining debt financing as well as matching business partners. She graduated from the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw, as well as the Valuation and Management of the Warsaw School of Economics. In addition, she is a graduate of post-graduate studies at the Kozminski University, major in Business Psychology.

A.Maraszek2 Anna Maraszek – Board Assistant

She graduated in journalism at the Faculty of Journalism and Communication at the University of Warsaw. For nearly two years she worked as an Internet journalist. For several years, deepening their knowledge about the capital market and investor working with DSBJ. In spare time she is interested in professional photography, as well as Social Media.

SailingMichał Tokarz - Partner cooperating with the DSBJ Group, Project Manager, Certified Adviser ASO GPW

Educated on the University of Economics in Cracow, M.A. in Finance and Jagiellonian University, Faculty of International and Political Studies 10 year in capital market, working for brokerage houses in Poland. Former board member and co- owner in Querton Brokerage House and Querton Capital Partners (WSE Authorized Advisor); executed capital exit. CEO in WilliamBlake corporate finance and transaction advisory, IDM S.A. and Copernicus Securities.
Wide experience in corporate finance and transaction advisory: Local and cross border merger & acquisition, Reverse mergers, Sell side advisory, Leveraged buy outs, Companies' valuation, Pre-IPO, IPO, Convertible debt, Bonds, Warrants structure, Financial restructuring. Competent and skilled in economics and finance, corporate finance and capital markets rules and regulations, top-down analysis, valuation methods, strategic management advisory.

sail boat  yacht mooringMichael Czerniak – Certified Auditor (CPA)

Certified auditor specializing in the issues of Polish and international accounting law, President of the Board of PRO AUDIT Sp z o.o. [Ltd.], a partner company of the DSBJ Group. He has many years of experience in auditing financial statements and on issues related to mergers, acquisitions, restructuring of business entities as well as in preparing enterprises to raise public (WSE / NewConnect) or private capital.

dsbj_sylwia_sarbinowska_manager_projektówSylwia Sarbinowska – Partner cooperating with the DSBJ Group, Project Manager

A graduate of the Poznań University of Economics, specializing in Finance, Postgraduate Studies in the EU and Management Studies MBA in co-oporation with Nottingham Business School. She has several years of experience in retail banking and investment. The first experience gained in Brokerage Houses BZWBK and BRE Bank (mBank now). Directed and managed bank branches mBank, Nordea and Postbank SA. At Poznan private universities gave lectures on preparing business plans and financial analysis.

Cyrus Rod DSBJ AfricaCyrus Rod – Member of the Board DSBJ Africa Ltd.

He is an accomplished and seasoned pastor of Dominion Faith Church in Kampala, Uganda. A sought after conference Speaker, author, and recording artist. He is a television personality and appears every week day on Uganda broadcasting Coporation which is the national Television in Uganda helping to equip couples to succeed in marriage and also giving counsel in relationship issues. He has two books so far "Unlocking Marital Bliss" and "Live life or die trying". He has appeared on TBN the largest Christian Network in the whole world and travels extensively to share the good news of Christ. He is a trusted businessman and sought after investment adviser who continues to work with several business owners in Uganda and across the globe. Is a Member of the Board DSBJ Africa Ltd. and Director of the Branch in Kampala, Uganda too.

a.jargutAnna Jargut – Partner cooperating with the DSBJ Group, Project Manager

A graduate of the University of Gdansk, specializing in management and marketing. She has several years of experience in the advertising industry, where she organized and led a full advertising campaigns. Sixteen years of experience in obtaining EU subsidies for businesses, including in programs such as Phare, SOP ICE, SOP, SOP Fish, IRDOP NFOŚ called "Programs Norwegian" Eco Fund, OPIE, POKL, leeks, PORPW programs, Norwegian and Swiss NFOŚ, RPO for 16 provinces both in the previous financial perspective, as well as the present. In the area of ​​its activity it is also to help in the settlement of grants obtained up to the submission of an application reporting. During the operation of the Phare program she has been accredited by PARP provider of consultancy services in the field of marketing, promotion strategy, development strategy, human resources strategy, financial strategies, and market research. Led conferences and training, including Raiffeisen Bank employees for the province. Pomeranian, the Bank's customers Bise (throughout the country); Dealers Network Leader Truck (the entire country), sales force Fota S.A. (the entire country). She trained a staff of PZU Life in issues related to customer service. Originator and co-founder of the Baltic Financial Cluster. She created for it development strategy. She co-created and co-organized (together with the Pomeranian Business Club) campaign "Wybieram Pomorskie", whose patron Marshal of the Pomeranian. She is the author of publications in press releases Tygodnik Ostrołęcki, Wprost and Przedsiębiorcy@eu.

boatswain near the boatMichael Hnatiuk – Authorised ASO [Alternative Trading System] Stock Exchange Advisor, Analyst

He graduated from the Wrocław University of Economics, Faculty of Management and Computer Science, major: finance and banking; specialty: financial management. He began his career in 2004 at PKO BP SA in the Department of Credit and Operational Risk where he was a member of the Credit Risk Management Method Development Team. From 2006 until 2009 he was Investment Advisor and  management board member of the Wrocław brokerage firm WDM [Wrocławski Dom Maklerski].